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Before your trip:

  • How soon in advance should we book?
    We often have short notice availability during our shoulder season during April and September. For our peak season, if you plan on fishing during June, July and August, often fishing and accommodations are booked up 1 year in advance so please book well ahead or book now!
  • Do all members of our group need a fishing license?
    Yes and no.  Any member of your group who wishes to angle for, or retain fish or crabs must have a license no matter how old they are.  Please note that saltwater angling licenses are free for children 15 and under, but a mandatory salmon conservation stamp must be purchased for anyone who wishes to angle or retain any salmon.  For more information on licensing please visit the licensing branch of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

During your trip:

  • May we keep our fish?
    Yes. Of course!  It is your option to retain your catch for personal consumption, but any fish retained must be of legal size and within the limits set by Federal Fisheries.  It will be up to your certified guide to inform you of all and any regulations as enforced by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Please follow this link to DFO’s sportfishing regulations for more information, or please call our office at 1.855.726.3828 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.
  • May we release our fish?
    Yes. Of course! Catch-and-release is a tried and tested means to enjoy sportfishing while having a minimal impact on the target species.  Catch-and-release is only reliable if it is carried out with the proper technique and in an ethical manner.  It is up to your guide’s discretion if the fish is in suitable condition for release.

After your trip:

  • We have enough fish. What’s next?
    Once you’re satisfied and your expectations have been fulfilled, it’s time to head back to the dock. Our guides at Cleanline will clean and dress your fish as per transport regulations set out by DFO.  These regulations are strict and must be closely followed, so please call us at 1.855.726.3828 for more detailed information.  It is often recommended and very convenient to have your fish professionally processed by a licensed outfit such as Trilogy Fish Company, located right at our dock.
  • What does fish processing mean?
    For those who are unfamiliar with fish processing, the licensed processor will pick up your catch, and typically fillet, portion and flash freeze your entire catch.  Custom smoking is available and they are equipped to ship anywhere in the US and Canada if you are unable to take it with you.  Please contact Trilogy Fish Company at 1.250.725.2233 for any additional information.






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We have fished with Blake for a while now and have nothing but awesome things to say about how he runs his operation, whether its the whole family going out, or just myself he has provided top notch fishing and scenery along the way to different locations. He has great knowledge of the wildlife in the area which is abundant, and his solid relationship with John at Trilogy makes things simple for processing and getting your catch home. I have fished in several locations along BC’s coastline and Blake and Tofino’s coastline provide the most consistent fishing by far!

— Anonymous Guest, Alberta